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Video Marketing: The King of All Marketing Efforts

By: Nebular Films

Ever since the inception of the written word, trading and commerce industries have gone through imaginative ways to shift the spotlight from their competition, to themselves. As the modern human has evolved, so has the technology in which we promote and market ourselves. First radio and soon film followed, and as businesses grew, the initial adopters of the technology prospered. Cut to present day, video marketing has been one of the methods that has taken over our day to day lives. From video marketing on Facebook, to video ads on our gas pumps, we believe that video marketing is here to stay. Here are four categories of video marketing that any business can take advantage of:

Educational Content:

If you own the business, you are the expert in the industry right? Extending your expertise to your community can create valuable educational content that can boost your clout.

Content can be about general services, products you offer, or even industry news that cater to the average person. People may be at different stages in their life, but almost everyone is on a journey of growth, so think about how you can provide value through educational videos.

Brand Films:

When it comes the time to show off your hard work, a brand film is your next step in video marketing. By mixing company culture, customer service, history, and mission statement, you can create a video that really captures your audience’s attention. The key here is to connect on a fundamental level with your community and potential customers.


Sometimes it’s important to get straight to the point and promote the thing that makes your business stand out from the rest: your products/services. The key point here is stand out. Is your product or service higher quality? Is it faster or more efficient? Whatever you have over your competition can be promoted by creating targeted videos to appeal to an audience that could use an updated product/service offering.


Word of mouth arguably brings in some of the best business. Through testimonials, you can let a current customer publicly sing your praises to the community. Oftentimes this method of video marketing creates a sense of trust and can engage your audience in a whole new way. It’s important to create constant testimonial videos so that the information stays relevant and to prove that your business creates customer loyalty.

Looking at the Numbers

The best part of creating video content is that you have a record of views, engagements, and if done correctly, ROI as well. Here are some statistics that go hand-in-hand with the explosion of video marketing that you see today.

Video marketing and Social Media have a deep link. It is evaluated that more than 71 percent of videos are being uploaded on Facebook, 68 percent on Instagram and YouTube is at third still, YouTube is the top rated app in bringing contact with customers.

Engaging with a Product After Watching an AD is habitual for many people. According to a research conducted, about 53 percent of people engaged with the product after watching an ad on YouTube. This indicator reveals the true effect of video marketing.

There is always an INCREASE IN TRAFFIC DUE TO VIDEO ADS RUN on any platform. About 13 percent of people get more interested in written content when a video is embedded in the content.

All in all, video marketing is part of a larger marketing strategy, but the best part is that anyone can take advantage of the benefits. As the old saying goes, fortune favors the bold, and just like the early adopters of the technology prospered, we believe any modern business in this day in age can too.


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