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Electronic Certificate of Origin

Generate Electronic Certificate of Origin Forms

Quickly generate an electronic certificate of origin (eCO) that you can use for your export shipment.


The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce, through a partnership with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce, now offers a fast and easy way to get your certificate of origin certified.

Rather than creating the certificate and taking it to the chamber to be certified, we offer a service that allows you to enter the information for your certificate online and have the certificate delivered for you.

This program is accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce. You can be assured that your certificate will comply with the rules, regulations and best practices of international trade.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A certificate of origin is an important document in international trade because it identifies the country of origin of goods being exported. Customs authorities in many countries require the certificate of origin because they use the information to help determine the admissibility of goods and the duty rate to apply to imports.

How to Create an eCO:

  1. Fill out the registration form and submit it to
  2. Once your registration form has been submitted, you will receive your eCo login credentials and user guide by email within 24 hours.
  3. Login to the eCo portal to enter your export shipment details. Click submit when ready.
  4. Within the same day, you’ll receive an email notification that your eCO is approved, certified and ready to use.


Free Registration!

Chamber Members: $25 per document

Non-members: $50 per document

Program Administrator

Gina Mitchell
Director of Finance and Operations

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