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The Importance of Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most important pieces of information a business or organization can provide to its potential customers, members, or supporters.

People trust testimonials because they are not “sales pitches” written by marketing agencies whose only goal is to get you to buy, join or donate. They are authentic, descriptive, specific accounts of genuine customers’ experiences.

Testimonials provide privileged insight from an “insider’s prospective.” People who give testimonials tell it like it is, “in their own words,” allowing people to identify with the consumer. Therefore, there is a huge amount of credibility attached to the words, opinions, experiences, successes, and failures they contain.

Statistics show that the tremendous power of testimonials cannot be denied. Big Commerce found that, “72% of consumers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more.” They also showed that, “88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” Additionally, an Impact report found that testimonials on sales pages increased sales by around 34 percent.

The Chamber is proud to share testimonials from our members:

“As a business owner, I quickly realized I needed to connect with other influential business owners, so I joined The Woodlands Area Chamber. Being a member of the Chamber has played a tremendous role in the growth of my business as well as my personal relationships . . .”

Carolyn Gray, Personal Development Strategist and Accountability Coach. Zircon Consulting

Member since 2015

“The Woodlands Area Chamber is a unique community partner. The members are intimately involved in the community, supportive of local businesses and interconnected like no other Chamber I have belonged to. There is so much knowledge available from local professionals and they are committed to helping you succeed. You will have fun and make life-long friends in the Chamber.”

Kristi Howton, Account Executive Iscential

Member since 2022

“As a life-long resident of Montgomery County, I have been involved in The Chamber for over 30 years. The networking opportunities allowed me to build strong relationships in the community. I can truly say those relationships have given me opportunities in my career I otherwise would not have had. The Chamber is not only an advocate for the businesses but a huge resource to help the community stay informed on major issues that impact the area.”

Ronda Trow, Director, Community and Government Affairs, The Howard Hughes Corporation.

Member since 1979

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