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How To Master The Quick Pitch (QP)


If you have attended our Breakfast Connections event, you know that every Chamber Member is given the opportunity to come to the front of the room and give a sixty second “commercial” on the microphone. Depending on your personality, this can be a blessing or a curse, as we often have upwards of one hundred attendees hanging on your every word as you sweat in the spotlight. You may follow a singing lawyer giving his operatic pitch or have to measure up to a clever poem by a bookkeeper. The pressure is on!

Just kidding . . . it is not that scary. We do have 80-100 people, but they are always a great crowd who are simultaneously enjoying a delicious breakfast while listening to your Quick Pitch. We also have monthly themes that our members can incorporate into their commercial as a sort of icebreaker to make even the dullest commercial interesting.

Whether you crave the spotlight or cringe at public speaking, the Quick Pitch is a valuable tool. Below are tips and tricks to master yours.

1. Know the true purpose of the Quick Pitch (QP). Although it is goal-oriented, the purpose is to create interest, not to close a sale or make a deal. It is a quick introduction to you, your business and how you can help your prospects. The QP expresses the absolute heart of your business.

2. Know your audience. Your goal is to engage the audience, so you must speak to them using words they will understand. Do not use jargon or technobabble. Use clear, concise words or analogies that create an understanding of who you are and what you do. You want your audience to have an immediate “aha” moment. You want them to get it!

3. Know your competitive edge or value proposition. Your QP must contain what sets you apart from the competition. Point out two things that you can give your audience that no one else can.

4. Grab attention. Our monthly themes help with this, but you can also use statistics, jokes, or questions to engage the audience with an attention-grabbing hook. Make your QP timely, relate it to current events or the current environment. Name drop or even bring a physical prop.

5. Show your passion and personality. Bring energy to your QP. Use descriptive adjectives that create a positive, likeable image in the minds of the audience. Be confident. Come up with a jingle or catch phrase that the audience will remember. (i.e., “We protect your assets.” “Phones that go WOW” “Come see us when your back goes out more than you do.”)

6. Use the bookends idea. Start with your name and your company name. Give your QP. Finish with your name and company name. This ensures that people who were not paying attention at the beginning will know who you are at the end.

In the end, just have fun with it. Your Quick Pitch is not going to make or break your business. It will get easier the more times you give it too. As a wise woman once said, just be authentic. Overall, honesty and integrity are the keys to business success.

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