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What are key words and why do you need them?

What are key words and why do you need them?

In terms of SEO, key words are words (short-tail or generic) and phrases (long-tail) that people enter into search engines to find what they are looking for. They can be classified into four main categories: commercial, transactional, informational and navigational.


Key words are important because they are the link between what people are searching for (what they need) and the content YOUR BUSINESS is providing to fill that need.


Imagine boiling down every single facet of your content (all the images, video, copy, etc.) to simple words and phrases, and those are your primary key words. Here are some tips to choose your key words:

  • Know your niche
  • Know your audience
  • Be specific
  • Analyze the competition
  • Use keyword research tools and services
  • Use word association
  • Use a thesaurus
  • Build a content to keyword map


Chamber members can update their key words at any time by logging into their account.



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