• President's Message: May 2020

    Resilience means the capacity of an entity to withstand sudden, unexpected shock, and be capable of recovering afterward. As we focus on the next steps to position our members for future success, the Chamber has set forth principles to guide the road to recovery.
    Know Who You Are And What You Do – From day one, the Chamber has aligned its approach to tackling COVID-19 head-on with our mission and core focus areas – advocating for the business community, creating marketing and networking opportunities, serving as a professional and community resource and supporting local nonprofits. Having these strategic objectives defined is what keeps us inspired and focused each and every day.   
    Communicate – Even if you don’t have all of the answers, talk often with everyone who is part of your normal business routine – your staff, colleagues, members, customers, volunteers, vendors, etc. Open communication will help reduce panic and anxiety among your stakeholders.
    Be flexible – What seemed paranoid yesterday may seem reasonable today. As we learn about new protocols, guidelines and recommendations, those who adapt their decisions to suit the needs of the situation are going to have more success than those who are slow to take action.
    Be Patient – The pandemic has marked a turning point in how we work together as teams. Learning new technologies and adjusting to a different way of communicating can prove stressful for the strongest of teams. During tough times, vulnerability and patience could lead to stronger relationships and better work experience overall.
    Be Kind – Saying “thank you” and spending an extra moment expressing how grateful we are to first responders, delivery workers and those serving us in stores and pharmacies goes a long way. If you’re in a management position, remind your staff their work is valuable and provide hope for the future.
    While we can’t avoid the repercussions of COVID-19, one thing is for certain: The Chamber team is here for you as your business advocate and community resource, and by working together, we can help one another emerge from this crisis stronger than before.
    Please continue to stay healthy, safe and hopeful!

    J.J. Hollie
    The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce

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