• Welcome the good news!

    The upcoming facility of Watermere assisted & memory care facility have chosen us to to be the preferred company to reduce Bacteria, Viruses, other VOC by 0% in order to keep safe staff and High risk individuals in their establishment.  We will install our product and provide the best service in their new location.  We thank Trinity, IRR, & Excelsior Capital for this opportunity.  Obviously NOW a CERTIFIED INDOOR AIR WATER & SURFACE establishment

    We have now marked a total of 19 Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities.  Also we have become the direct to solution for 4 Student Housing Facilities.
    Also we have become the preferred solution for NOVA Medical group and their surgical facilities as the premier OZONE FREE Infrastructure Sanitizing Service Company.

    If you represent a community with high risk individuals or mass gathering establishment give us a call and DO NOT STAY BEHIND. 

    It could be financially painful if you do so.  Protect your staff and guest today.

    Visit UvLightSanitizingSystems.com

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