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    Blue Jug wants to support your health while you are helping others

    Water the way it’s intended to be

    Breakthrough Psychological Solutions is offering telepsychology appointments for a limited time at a reduced cost. Purchase a prepaid package of five sessions for $500 to be used by June 30, 2020. Call or text our office at 409-344-3581 to schedule your appointment.

    COVID-19 Exclusive

    Meal for Four for $39.95 with your choice: pan of Blackened Chicken Alfredo or Spaghetti with Meatballs, House Salad choice of two of our made in house sharable desserts Save $20 buying it as a package. Call Citizens Grill at 936-320-0022 to place your order. Available Saturday 4pm-8pm and Sunday 11am-8pm. View our full menu at citizensgrill.com.

    MEAL FOR FOUR for ONLY $39.95

    Social Distancing in a Car? We can help!

    Custom Cabinetry, Cabinet Painting, Cabinet Refacing


    Half Price for Healthcare Workers / $25 Off First Catering Order / Free Immunity Boosting Shot

    Tailgators Pub and Grill Jumbo Spicy Crawfish! $5.99/lb Purchase 10 lbs or more, bring your own cooler and receive $5 off Largest crawfish around- peak season! View the entire menu at tailgatorspub.com/menu, order online at https://ordering.app/tailgatorspub or call us at 281-259-5343


    Join a community of professionals serious about getting real work done, and proudly bring your clients to a headquarters that projects your image and brand - not ours.Always full of amenities. Every office comes Semi-Inclusive. Upgrade to Fully-Inclusive for only a little more per month, or we can build you a custom amenity option for you.

    WORKSUITES-All-Inclusive Offices + Coworking + Meeting Rooms

    Integrated Coworking is Worksuites' grown-up iteration of coworking. Studies have shown that open-plan workspaces are far less productive than ones with sufficient focused private space. And this is even more true when workers do not work for the same company. Rather than placing everyone in one big room together, our coworking offering includes a variety of smaller areas shared with only a few people, scattered throughout the floor. This creates an environment more conducive to getting real work done.

    WORKSUITES-Offices + Coworking + Meeting Rooms

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