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2024 Economic Outlook Conference Speakers



Zack Kass - Technology Futurist, Specialist in Generative AI Solutions
Former Head of Go-To-Market at OpenAI/ChatGPT

Topic: The Past, Present, and Future of AI 

Zack Kass stands out as one of the brightest minds in AI today, with a robust 14-year journey at the epicenter of technological evolution. His significant tenure as Head of Go To Market at OpenAI put him front and center building AI strategies with many of the biggest companies in the world. His role in converting AI research into real-world business applications has positioned him as a key influencer in the sector.

His clear-cut mission emphasizes ensuring that businesses and governments are not just bystanders but active participants, ready and fully equipped to harness the burgeoning power of AI. Zack’s endeavor is to demystify AI, making it accessible and understandable, thereby assisting organizations to navigate and flourish in this rapidly evolving, AI-influenced environment

Beyond the corporate world, Zack is a staunch advocate for AI’s potential to revolutionize local governance. He works tirelessly to promote AI as a tool that can significantly enhance community service and overall societal welfare. His efforts seek to guarantee that the advancements in AI transcend commercial benefits and work towards the betterment of communities and societies at large.

In Zack Kass, various sectors find a reliable guide, leading them confidently into the promising and continually evolving future of AI. His leadership and insight ensure that AI’s potential is maximized, bringing forth growth, adaptability, and extensive societal benefits.


CAPT (ret) Eric “Popeye” Doyle
Commanding Officer & Flight Leader, US Navy Blue Angels|
CEO, RAVN Aerospace


Eric “Popeye” Doyle is the Chief Executive Officer of RAVN Aerospace where he is in charge of all mission, operations, and maintenance. Eric is a native of League City, Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1996. Following college, Eric attended Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida, where he earned his commission in December 1996.

In September 2017 Eric joined the Blue Angels as the Commanding Officer and Flight Leader and following that tour he took over as the Director of the Blue Angels F/A-18E/F Transition Team. Eric is currently the President of the Tailhook Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Council of Air Shows. Eric has accumulated more than 4,000 flight hours in all variants of the F/A-18 and over 750 carrier-arrested landings.


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