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  • Chamber Meeting Rooms 

    Our complimentary meeting rooms are exclusively offered to Chamber members for their conferences, meetings and appointments. For more information, refer to the meeting room guidelines here

    • Lakeshore-Board-Room.jpg
      Lakeshore Board Room (seats 50)
    • Watertree-Conference-Room.jpg
      Watertree Conference Room (seats 20)
    • Evergreen-Conference-Room.jpg
      Evergreen Conference Room (seats 15)
    • Lakeside-Meeting-Room.JPG-w1920.jpg
      Lakeside Meeting Room (seats 6)
  • Chamber Signature Events

  • Taste of the Town 2018

    The 32nd Annual Taste of the Town gave attendees a delicious experience of sampling mouth-watering appetizers, entrees, desserts, pastries, and beverages from some of the areas finest restaurants, caterers, bakeries, delis and beverage companies. Presented by Planet Lincoln and Visit The Woodlands, the event was held Jan.18 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriot Hotel & Convention Center.

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  • Whistle Stop Tour 2018

    The Woodlands Area Chamber hosted a Meet the Candidates: Whistle Stop Tour Feb. 2 at the Lone Star College System Office Building in preparation for the midterm primary on March 6. The event featured a variety of Montgomery County candidates running for office who gave short presentations to attendees about their platforms, allowing many candidates and county residents the opportunity to network and share ideas. 

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  • Economic Outlook Conference 2018

    Growing job diversification, economic rebound and Houston's recovery post-Hurricane Harvey were key talking points from 2018 Economic Outlook Conference held Feb. 16 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. 

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  • Montgomery County Day at the Capitol 2017

    The business and professional communities across Montgomery County traveled together to Austin for this biennial all-day event to meet with our elected representatives during the Texas State Legislature. 

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  • Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo 2017

    On March 18, participants of all ages enjoyed activities and fitness classes at the top of every hour at this free community expo showcasing Chamber members who provide health care, wellness and fitness-related services.  

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  • Community Job Fair 2017

    The Chamber hosted the 2017 Community Job Fair May 3 at Sam Houston State University The Woodlands Center. Job seekers had the opportunity to take advantage of professional headshots, participate in a series of seminars and meet with employers representing the health care, education, criminal justice, banking, administrative, and customer service sectors, among others. 

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  • Chairman's Ball 2017

    About 650 people raised their glasses of champagne to host The Woodlands Chamber's outoing chair Linda Head Aug. 12 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. 

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  • Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon 2017

    The Chamber held its 39th Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon Oct. 6 at The Woodlands Country Club. The annual awards ceremony has honored chamber volunteers, loyal members and community leaders since 1978. 

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  • Golf Championship 2017 

    Golfers enjoyed an unconventional round of golf, Chamber style, on Nov. 9 at Woodforest Golf Club, followed by a reception and awards ceremony.  

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  • Cards & Cocktails 2017

    The Chamber held the 2017 Cards & Cocktails fundraising event Nov. 9 at Wild Stallion Vineyards. Guests enjoyed an evening of Poker, live entertainment and tasting samples from spirits vendors.  

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  • Employment Law Update 2017

    Employers gathered at The Sam Houston University The Woodlands Center Nov. 3 for the 2017 Employment Law Update. For more than 20 years, The Woodlands Chamber and The Woodlands Bar Association have teamed up to help employers ensure compliance with new labor and employment laws. 

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  • Business Connections Events

    Extend your reach into South Montgomery County's business community at our Business Connection Events. Check out our online calendar to learn about upcoming events, and contact Cyndi Alvarado at 281-363-8109 or cyndi.alvarado@woodlandschamber.org for information about sponsorship opportunities.

    To view more photos from our Business Connections Events, visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/TheWoodlandsAreaChamber

  • Business After Hours

    Held on the second Tuesday of every month, Business After Hours provide an opportunity for Chamber members to network while allowing the member sponsor a chance to showcase their facilities. 

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  • Networking Breakfast

    Held on the third Wednesday of every month, the Chamber's monthly networking breakfast provides the opportunity for members to give a 60-second commercial to the crowd. 

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  • Meet the New Members

    Chamber membership is an investment that starts to pay off right away. We invite all new Chamber members to introduce themselves to the business community at our Meet the New Members networking events held on the last Tuesday of every month.

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  • Chamber Events